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Portuguese Independent publisher 90º was founded in February 2005 by two partners Susana Vázquez Ojea and Valérie Suire. However, one can not talks about e the 90º team without mentioning Paola D’Agostino, the graphic designers Flint – Design de Comunicação – and Didier Hochart (webdesign), paginator Jorge Sêco, proof reader Túlia Semirames Marques and translators Sandra Monteiro, José Mário Silva and Miguel Serras Pereira.

90º presents the following three collections:

- Da Janela: A series of publications dedicated to art and all its manifestations: cinema, photography, architecture, painting, scuplpture dance, music, theatre....and in all its forms from autobiography to essays, from interviews to monographs, from the work method to the changing of ideas.

- Algures: is a selections of works dedicated to journeys, both real and imaginary. Travel logs and real memories are recalled as much as thoughts, testimonies and literary carrears,imagined locales, places both as they are or how they have been invented.

- Chs: Educational essays covering social and human sciences and significant thinkers in these fields through their most accessible texts. An enjoyable read without abandoning its scientific rigour. These books are ideal for anyone wishing to take part in the shifting of ideas and the paths towards knowledge.

Also distribution

Aside from our own publications, we also distribute work printed by other houses. Fenda, Livros de Areia, Instituto das Artes (The Portuguese Ministry of Culture's Institute of Arts) have all relied on our services.
All of our catalogue can be acquired at our on-line bookshop and in our contact list by asking at your local book shop


90º Editora

Palácio de Sant'Anna
Rua do Instituto Bacteriológico, 8
1150-190 Lisboa

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